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The schedule is divided into 4 colors - Pink, /Yellow-GreenBlue, Orange, and then it repeats.  


2020 Lawn
Feb,April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec 
2020 Shrubs 
April, June, Aug, Oct


Floralawn is on their winter mowing schedule, which is every 2 weeks.




                Texas Phoenix Palms In Our Neighborhood

You may have noticed a number of declining/dying Palm trees in the neighborhood. There is a pest, most likely a plant hopper, that is infecting our Canary palm trees and is causing homeowners a lot of stress. When palm trees are infected with Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, or TPPD, they drop all their fruit and turn brown/gray and the fronds drop down. Please remember other type palms can also be infected by this and other diseases. TPPD is spread by a bug that hops from palm to palm, bites the plant, then essentially backwashes a bacteria into the palm tree's system, killing it within a matter of months. 
We are suggesting that if you have a palm in decline you should have that palm tree and its root ball totally removed. If you leave the stump and have it ground down it could still harbor the bacteria, infecting other palms in the neighborhood. 

Here is a link to the web site about TPPD. 
The following companies have done tree removal in our area before: 
*Theron Layne Theron's Professional Tree Care (863) 221-5840 
* Monkey Business Tree Service    (863) 797-4400 
* New Life Tree Service   ( 863) 533-9597  or  (863) 299-1481          

                                            * * * * * *


Witches' Broom


Witches’ broom is a symptom of stress found in
woody plants, mainly trees, but also affects
shrubs as well. This includes deciduous trees
and shrubs as well as conifers and evergreen
varieties. The stress results in a deformed
mass of twigs and branches, which appear
broom-like in appearance. As brooms were
once fashioned together from bundles of twigs
and since witches were presumed to be responsible
for anything unusual, these abnormalities
became known as witches’ brooms.
Witches’ broom is a nickname for Sphaeropsis
gall, chichis a fungal ailment affecting shrubs,
trees and bushes, including citrus, bottle brush,
crepe myrtle, ligustrum, oleander and holly.
The fungus gets its name from 1) the swollen
and enlarged portions of diseased stems and
branches, and 2) the galls produced on older
branches and trunks.
Witches’ broom can occur for several months to
several years, and while it may be unsightly to
some people, it really poses no serious threat to
the tree or shrub affected. There is currently no
cure or treatment for witches’ broom. You can,
however, prune out the broom growth several
inches below the point of its formation, if desired.

 Weeding and Edging Schedule


Floralawn will weed and edge landscape beds every other mowing.  The map belows indicates when your home will be done. 

Weeds will be removed from all plant, tree, and flower beds 18 times per year. This incorporates 2 times per month during the growing season, and 1 time per month during the non-growing season on an as-needed basis. Manual hand-pulling and chemical herbicides will be used as control methods.

Weed Spray and Landscape Edging.pdf
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Floralawn is spraying our yards per the following schedule:


Fertilization:  Every even month or every service

Weed Control:  Every even month or every service

Insect Control: Wall to Wall - Feb, June, August, and

October - April and December, treat as needed

Fungicide:  As Needed

Resident's Request for Specific Landscape Services:


We are asking residents to submit only ONE(1) request for specific trimming per month. This will allow Floralawn to better plan their trimming schedule and avoid problems should they miss a request. If you have a specific issue, Floralawn will be glad to take a look at it.


Effective December 1, 2015:


FloraLawn is returning to the previous policy of

trimming all shrubs on a monthly basis for

everyone. You will no longer have to put in a request

for normal shrub/tree trimming. Because

hibiscus blooms constantly in Florida, there is

no one good time to trim it. All trimming, including

the hibiscus, will be done monthly when

your quadrant is scheduled.


We remind residents to mulch their flower/shrub beds and make sure the sprinkler system is functioning properly. Refreshing mulch on a regular basis minimizes weeds and as we get into the dryer season, our nice green lawns will need additional water.


For landscape request form, click here.


To opt out of any or all landscaping services:


If you want to opt out of any of the landscaping services provided by Floralawn (mowing, trimming or spraying), print this form out and make your choices. Drop completed and signed form at the HOA office.


Opt Out of Landscaping Services Form, click here.




Requests for individual spraying will be handled as part of Floralawn’s regularlyscheduled spraying program. The scheduleis posted in the Clubhouse. Again, if you have a specific problem, they will look at it. If the problem is covered by our contract, it will be handled. If the problem is not covered by our existing contract, Floralawn will provide the requestor with a price to repair or eliminate the problem.



In regards to damages to resident’s property caused by Floralawn’s equipment, we remind residents that NO repairs will be paid for after-the-fact. If you believe Floralawn’s equipment damaged something, (i.e., a sprinkler head) they will have to look at it and make the repair. If you repair the problem yourselves, then NO reimbursement will be made.



Polk County Lawn Watering Schedule - effective 8/17




Our yard maintenance contractor indicates some of our lawns are exhibiting signs of insufficient water. We need to water our lawns at least twice a week for 20-30 minutes per zone Watering early in the morning is best so the grass has a chance to dry during daylight hours. Maintaining a healthy lawn by weekly watering saves paying for an  expensive lawn (sod) replacement.






ARC (Architectural Review Committee) GUIDELINES-

Please read the ARC Guidelines document BEFORE you

schedule ANY work to be done to the outside of your house. Click here for ARC information and request form.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 

In case of emergency, always dial 911 FIRST.

A portable AED unit is available in the Clubhouse for emergency use. Click here for more information.

Post a “For Sale” notice:

On the bulletin board (down the Clubhouse hall near the Exercise Room) there is a section on the bottom where residents can advertise items for sale. Ad must be on a 3x5” card/paper and dated. If item sells, or ad has been posted for 3 months or more, it will be removed from the board.

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